Cover by Bolt Brown 

Back Cover by Cobey Arner 

in collaboration with Balenciaga



Bitchlight by Zans Brady Krohn | Mayoral Coverage by Nicole Goodkind | Your Mothers’ Summer 2021 Predictions | Blood Cleanse at the Dairy Queen as Laughter Therapy by Will Mountain Cox | The Negroni Demystified by I.B. Drinkin | i am having seizures and blood clots from the microchip i implanted in my wrist by Alex Senti | Drunken Meditation by Gideon Jacobs | SSRIS are IN, Seasonal Depression is OUT by Bettina Cataldi | Museum of Beautiful Woman by Nicola Goldberg | An Interview with Ray of Ray’s Candy Store with Lex Briscuso | Free Agents of Chaos by Jill Condon | Never Clean Your Room by Liana Satenstein | Dear Consultant | Tribeca Loft Reviews | Should I Crack? By La VanDyke | A Guide to Laxatives | Cribs with Honor Levy and more!

ISSUE 07: The Purge Issue