Where can I find you?

At our dedicated, suspiciously acquired box on Canal and Essex, as well as some merchants around town. Check our IG for recent updates… If you don’t live in NYC, we offer a subscription service via our patreon:



Do you accept submissions? And what kind?

We accept both rolling submissions and submissions in response to Issue callouts. There will always be an announcement on our Instagram about when upcoming pitches are due. 

How do I submit?

Send us what ya got! sup@thedrunkencanal.com, but don’t send us vague things or tell us you’re “interested”… come up with an idea and we are haaaapppy to hear it! 


How do I ask you out on a date?

You can email either one of us at gutes@thedrunkencanal.com or duane@thedrunkencanal.com and send us a love poem. Better yet, promise us that there’s going to be martinis. 


How do I buy an ad?

Email us! And we’ll talk darling!